Long Term Nursing Care


At present, there is no option to sell private Nursing Care coverage. We highly recommend that all families join the cover offered by your Kupot Cholim. The following is general information.

Bituach Leumi will fund up to 26 hours of home care per week. This depends on the level of disability, for a man over 67 or for a woman over 64 who cannot perform 5 out of 6 of the basic functions (getting up / lying down; dressing / undressing; washing oneself / shaving; eating / drinking; control over body functions; walking).
What can the Kupot Cholim offer?
We highly recommend getting additional coverage (eg. Meuchedet Zahav, Maccabi Magen etc.),which will fund home care valued at about 3,620 NIS per month* for the first 3 years, and 2,200 NIS per month* for the subsequent 2 years, if one cannot perform 3 of the 6 basic functions. (*estimated figures based on Meuchedet Zahav)

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