Personal Effects Insurance – for Students / Long-term Tourists

When traveling abroad, it’s important to protect the valuable possessions you take with you.

Coverage includes – electronic equipment (laptops, Ipads, tablets, cameras, etc. clothing, books, Talit and Tefillin and jewelry).

  • The insured is covered for $20,000 in the dorm / apartment for theft because of a break-in, fire and water damage ONLY (personal items include: clothing, books, jewelry, electronic equipment, musical instruments, religious items, phones etc.)
  • The insured is covered for $4000 out of the dorm / apartment for accidental loss or damage for electronic equipment and or jewelry.

*** If you have any item that is valued at $350 or more that you would like to cover, you will need to send a receipt or evaluation of the item before the policy is issued. Please send it to,


  • No coverage for phones (aside from theft from the dorm/ apartment)
  • No coverage for cash
  • No coverage for prescription glasses
  • No coverage for any item left in a bus or car
  • No coverage for gross negligence.



If you need to make a claim for loss/ theft/ fire, etc. we need:

1) A police report (ask your yeshiva / school for nearest police station)

2) Valuation of lost or stolen items.

Please email claim info and documents to