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Shalom and Welcome to Israel

Egert and Cohen is a family insurance business with branches in Jerusalem, Efrat and Ramat Bet Shemesh, but we service clients all over Israel and internationally. We have over 35 years’ experience in advising the Anglo community in Israel and dedicate ourselves to making things as easy as possible for tourist, students, temporary residents and citizens alike.

Our brokerage was started in 1985 by Roman Egert Z”L, who made Aliyah after a long career as a successful insurance broker and community activist in South Africa.

In time, his son (Yona Egert) and his son-in-law (Shimon Cohen) joined the company, and the name Egert & Cohen was born.

Our aim is to provide all your insurance needs at a reasonable cost, and to help guide you through the available options. In case of a claim, we are committed to giving you courteous and professional service and advocate on your behalf with the insurance companies. We talk their language, Hebrew, and understand the rules and restrictions of the policies.

We also provide a range of insurance services to institutions in Israel, including Yeshivot and Seminaries, as well as health insurance for Taglit and Masa program. We are a family business and would like to welcome you to our family. Our commitment to our clients is: We’re here when you need us!

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Welcome to Israel!

Shimon, Yonah, Shabtai, Leon, and the E & C team

Roman Egert Z”L 1919-1997
Roman Egert 1919-1997

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We try to be a “one – stop shop” for all your insurance needs –
from car / home / business insurance to life and travel insurance (and lots in-between!)