Policy info:

  • The student’s personal belongings are insured in the dorm/apt for theft, fire, arson, and water damage.
  • All-risk cover available for specific items to include cover for accidental damage and loss including outside of the dorm within Israel.
  • Maximum cover on policy for personal belongings: $20,000 including all-risk cover for specific items up to $4000.
  • Cost of annual policy- $100.
  • Exclusions: No cover for cell phones, glasses, cash. No cover for items left in a car or bus. No cover for gross negligence.
  • Please note: Please keep receipts of items bought abroad in case of a claim.
  • Submit this form by e-mail to

Registration form:

Please cover me for:

Approximate Value- $

Credit card details:

Valid till:
* The charge will be to Menorah Insurance Company


If you need to make a claim for loss/ theft/ fire, etc we need:

  1. A police report (ask your yeshiva / school for nearest police station)
  2. Valuation of lost or stolen items.
    Please email claim info and documents to along with a copy of this form.

Claims take approximately 4 weeks to settle.
There is a deductible of approximately $150 for each claim, except for laptops and Ipads – double deductible.

** All amounts for cover and prices are approximate according to the current dollar rate **

Policy conditions are according to the full Hebrew policy. (Available upon request)