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Aish HaTorah Health Policy Sign Up

You will be covered by the Tour and Care policy issued by Harel Insurance Company, Israel’s largest health insurer.
The service is through top contracted English-speaking doctors and clinics and there is no deductible or co-pay (in other words, no need to pay and claim back home). Cover is comprehensive and backed by a 24 hour English speaking customer service and by our office – www.egertcohen.co.il The following medical centers are also directly contracted to the plan:
Premium: 6.95 NIS per day (linked to the C.O.L. index) up to age 49.

Other optional policies:

1: Pre-existing or chronic medical condition.
Additional Premium:
4.65 NIS per day (linked to the C.O.L. index) up to age 29.
4.95 NIS per day (linked to the C.O.L. index) up to age 49.
If you have a pre-existing condition, this is not covered by the basic policy, and you need an extended policy.
Please read here:

To register for this, check the relevant option on the signup form.

2: Personal Effects insurance:
This gives cover for jewelry, cameras, electronic equipment, clothing etc. – up to $15,000 cover.
Annual premium: $80

Personal Effects Policy info:

  • The student’s personal belongings are insured in the dorm/apt for theft, fire, arson, and water damage.
  • All-risk cover available for specific items to include cover for accidental damage and loss including outside of the dorm within Israel.
  • Maximum cover on policy for personal belongings: $20,000 including all-risk cover for specific items up to $4000.
  • Cost of annual policy- $100.
  • Exclusions: No cover for cell phones, glasses, cash. No cover for items left in a car or bus. No cover for gross negligence.
  • Please note: Please keep receipts of items bought abroad in case of a claim.

3: Important:
If you return home for a visit, or travel overseas during the school year, we offer travel insurance.
Please contact our office for details.

We wish you a pleasant and healthy stay in Israel.