Travel Insurance

Egert & Cohen specializes in arranging all types of travel insurance for Israeli residents and foreign citizens traveling overseas, and for incoming visitors to Israel who cannot obtain insurance in their home country.

1.  Standard Harel "First Class" travel policy. There are also other options, call us for details.
2.  Medical problems – special poicies which cover current / chronic conditions
3.  Pregnancy – cover up to the 32nd week.
4.  Cover for older travelers
5.  Group policies to Poland / Europe
6.  International Medical Insurance for Shlichim (emissaries) living overseas

We provide online policies and, of course, personal handling of claims.

Question: Isn’t free credit card insurance sufficient?

Answer: The free policies usually have a ‘cap’ on the daily cost of hospitalization, which can be easily exceeded, especially in the U.S. Don’t risk huge medical claims (chas v’shalom) for the sake of saving a few dollars!

Question: "Our Kupat Cholim can give us cover for this, can’t they?..."

Answer : Read here!


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Travel Insurance Tip

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