Harel Tour & Care Policy - Basic Plan


* Cover is by surgeons and medical staff on duty at time of injury or illness.

Exclusions to this cover are:

• Pre-existing or chronic conditions (e.g. asthma, Krohn’s disease, diabetes)
• Well-care, routine check-ups
• Pregnancy
• Injuries caused due to alcohol or drugs
• Self inflicted injuries
• Skiing, extreme sports
• Emotional / Psychological conditions

N.B. The full policy conditions are as they appear in the Harel Tour and Care policy (available on request).

Taglit Birthright Israel - additional pre-existing cover

Basic Insurance Cover ($100,000) – Provided by group organizer.

1.   Additional coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and medical emergencies.
      A sudden and unexpected deterioration of a pre-existing condition, where emergency treatment is required.(Excluded:
      cancer treatment, AIDS, transplants, dialysis, M.S.Cystic Fibrosis, active psychiatric conditions).
      Cover up to $10,000.

2.   Extended cover in home country.
.     a. If such treatment is an immediate continuation of the treatment in Israel.
      b. If such ongoing treatment is not covered in your home country.
      c. If you have applied to the insurer (Harel) before undergoing the treatment.
      Cover up to $10,000.

3.   Emergency Psychiatric Treatment
      Cover up to $2,000.

4.   Emergency overseas evacuation
      a. If there is no danger to life due to evacuation.
      b. If the insurance company’s doctor decides that there is a medical necessity for the evacuation.
      Cover up to $10,000.

5.   Emergency Psychiatric evacuation (including accompanying) adult.
      Cover up to $1,500.

6.   Emergency air evacuation in Israel to nearest hospital
      Cover up to $10,000.

7.   Cover for claims due to alcohol abuse
      Covered up to basic policy limit.

8.   Family re-unification
      a. In case of surgery or need for 24 hour supervision.
      b. With the prior agreement of the insurance company.

9.   Cover for business-class air ticket for one family member. Cover up to $1,000.

10.  Cover for extreme sport – Up to basic policy limit.

11.  Cover for prescription medicines – Up to basic policy limit.

12.  No deductible/Co-payment.


For more info please contact your trip organizer or emailchai.ctas@gmail.com