Claims! Claims! - Case 1 – The missing Tfillin

We present two of our true insurance claims that somehow turned out differently then we or the clients expected.

Our client insured an expensive pair of Tfillin (+/- $4,000) for All Risks cover (i.e. both inside and outside the house). He called us frantically one day to report that the Tfillin were missing from his yeshiva. A week of posted notices, calls to the Yeshiva administration, etc. did not bear fruit. Reluctantly, out client reported the case to the police and we filed a claim. The claims cheque was issued and our client bought a new pair of Tfillin. (This time, however, he kept them at home).
One day, during the silent Amida, our client’s concentration was suddenly broken by a hand coming from behind him and placing – (you guessed it!) his old Tfillin on his shtender!! By the time he turned around, only davening Yeshiva men faced him. Obviously though, these Tfillin no longer belonged to him. He hurried to our office to return them. I in turn took them to the Insurance Company and told the whole strange story.
A huge Kiddush Hashem.
The manger promptly asked me to offer the “old” Tfillin back to our client at a greatly reduced rate. Our client, when I called him, had just celebrated his first son’s Brit Milah, and was more then happy to buy the Barmitzvah Tefillin a few years early!