Now that the log fire / heater is warming you up, a few words about fire insurance.

What is it?
The definition of fire in most policies is the appearance of sparks or flames. (In other words damage caused by a hot iron would not be covered under standard fire cover). Also included is smoke damage and explosion. Spontaneous combustion is not covered, nor is theft as a result of the fire.
2)    Obviously, if you own your home/apartment you should make sure that you are covered for fire damage for your contents as well as for the actual house/apartment. (This is done either through a private insurance policy or through your mortgage). However for those renting homes, it is extremely important to check your contract and see whether you or the landlord is responsible for this cover.
Other aspects of fire cover are:
-payment for alternative accommodation
-payment of rental (depending on amount of insurance)
3) In our experience, most fires have been caused by unattended Shabbator Channukah candles and by clothing left near electric heaters – so, be warned!