Winter – Snow and Fire

It’s not always that we deal with snow – related claims, so when they occur, they are always interesting.

(The following are all claims that we are currently dealing with).
As a result of a build-up of snow, my pergola and part of my roof collapsed. Am I covered?

Answer: Yes, fully covered if you have structure insurance.

However, if the snow merely seeps through the roof and causes water damage, that is not usually covered. Reason – faulty sealing of the roof or mirpeset is not covered.

A tree from the neighbor’s yard falls on my car and “totals” it. Can I sue his insurance?

Answer: Good question! If the branches were overhanging before the storm struck, there may be a way to claim. If however, the tree was strong and safe but the unusual amount of snow caused it to fall, then your only recourse is to claim against your own insurance.

I live in Efrat – due to the extreme cold, the glass Koltim of our Dud Shemesh burst. Is this covered?

Answer: Yes, this is considered like a “burst pipe” which is covered in the standard policy. Remember, that many people have this covered through their mortgage insurance.