Summer Insurance - Who can drive your car?

We offer you our summer insurance check list.

We offer you our summer insurance check list.

  1. Travelling overseas?
  • Enjoy!
  • Make sure you have travel insurance (including coverage for the things you might need – maternity, skiing, trip cancellation, etc.). We are travel insurance experts and will personally deal with your claims!
  • Make sure that overseas jewelry cover has been extended + issued or your home contents policy.  Without this there is no cover overseas.
  • Leaving your house empty?  Make sure to turn off water, gas.  If you are leaving for more than 2 months, you must inform your insurance company.

        2. Staying here?

  • Enjoy!
  •  Young drivers using your car? With all your kids home, it is essential that you check that your policy has been extended to cover young/new drivers. (Most insurance companies have relatively cheap options to add on young drivers for short periods of time.)
  • Overseas visitors using your car – is an overseas license valid?

A tourist or temporary resident can drive a private car in Israel for up to a year following arrival.  If however, the person lives in Israel but returns frequently to ??"?, this many also be acceptable (the law states:  "In case of multiple exits and entries from and to Israel, each case will be judged individually" – what that means, go figure!).

In general, if one is living in Israel, even if you haven't made formal Aliyah, you must transfer your overseas license to an Israeli one.

  • Did you know?  If your kid starts a campfire and causes damage to someone's new car in the camping ground on the Kinneret (or anywhere in Israel, for that matter) – don't panic! Your home policy's Third Party Liability covers you and your family anywhere in Israel (don't give him any ideas, though!).