The Status of a foreign driving license

A question that often comes up with Olim Chadashim, tourists, returning Israelis is: What is the status of a foreign driving license.
A quick quiz
An Oleh can drive for 3 years on his/her foreign license – Y/ N    
As long as you retain your tourist status, you can drive on your foreign license indefinitely – Y/ N
If you’re a returning Israeli and you took out a foreign license just before coming to Israel, you can transfer this to an Israeli license – Y/ N

All answers are NO!

A quick summary
Oleh Chadash, Tourist, Returning Resident, Temporary Resident
Needs an Israeli license? Not immediately
Period of time? Up to 1 year from date of entry to Israel.

Tourist/Student (coming in and out of Israel during the year)
Period of time is unclear in the law, each case to be decided separately. Usually, each new entry to Israel starts the process again.

Transferring a foreign license to an Israeli license
Oleh Chadash – license can be transferred within 3 years of being in Israel, on condition that the foreign license was issued before the Aliyah date.
Temporary Resident, Tourist, Returning Israeli – license can be transferred within a year of arrival in Israel, on condition that it has been valid for at least 6 months.
For all transfers, one needs to take a simplified lesson/test.  Contact a local driving school.
So, all of you driving with valid New York licenses, but not valid Israeli licenses… don’t take the chance!!