Claims! Claims! - Case 2 – The car chase

The claim began in a brutal fashion. Our client’s wife returned to the family car in Jerusalem after a days work. As she was starting up, two men approached her and ordered her out of the car. Not taking any chances, she obeyed and watched helplessly as the two “punks” laughingly drove away. Again, a claim was filed and our client was paid out.
One night our client is driving a rental car in Jerusalem and suddenly in front of him appears his car, complete with its original color and license plates! Our client is suddenly filled with passion to have his old, beloved car back. He begins to tail “his” car, at the same time calling the police on his cell phone.
The police join the chase and in King George St, two police cars suddenly block the road and force the driver to stop. Claiming total innocence, the driver says that he legally bought the car. Unfortunately (for him!) our client is right behind him to identify himself as the true owner of the car, as proved by the original license papers and Bituach Chova, still in the glove compartment. The “punk” is hauled away (and later positively identified by the client’s wife).
But who owns the car? Our client, who already has his check – or the insurance company, who has not yet transferred ownership of the “stolen” car?
The insurance company offered to sell the car back to our client for a reduced rate rather than go through the legal tangle that the case presented.
Our client was praised by the police for quick, decisive thinking and action.

May all your claims turn out for the best.