When it comes to insurance for English-speakers in Israel, Egert & Cohen Insurance speaks your language and understands your needs.
Egert & Cohen Insurance is a Jerusalem – based brokerage that specializes in helping English-speaking Olim, tourists and students in Israel. We arrange health insurance for the leading Yeshivot and Seminary programs, as well as insuring Israeli Shlichim who travel or work overseas. We also specialize in travel insurance for groups, pregnant women, and anyone with special requirements – we will find the best insurance solution for your situation.

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Our proud history – the company was started in 1985 by Roman Egert Z”L who made Aliyah after a long career as a successful insurance broker and community activist in South Africa. In time, his son-in-law (Shimon Cohen) and his son (Yona Egert) joined the company and the name Egert and Cohen was born. Since then, we have specialized in serving the English – speaking and Olim communities in Israel.
This website offers you a Glossary of Hebrew insurance terms, a Friendly Guide to Insurance in Israel, and details of the different types of insurance available. Whatever your insurance needs, with Egert & Cohen you’re in good hands.